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Loan Information - County Court Judgement (CCJ)


County Court Judgements


About County Court Judgements

Assuming you have had a CCJ issued against you, after the debt has been paid, it is possible to obtain a "Certificate of Satisfaction", which lets companies and institutions know that the debt has been paid, although the judgement remains on the credit file for six years afterwards. Should the CCJ have been put on your file erroneously, then you must go back to the firm that originally brought the CCJ and ask them for a "Certificate of Cancellation".

When the Certificate is completed, it goes back through the Registry Trust, part of the Lord Chancellor's department, and is sent to the credit reference agencies who will then remove it from their files.

A County Court Judgement can also be removed with a Certificate of Cancellation (or Proof of Payment, in Scotland) if the debt is paid within one month. There are a number of firms which promise to ensure "cancellation" of CCJs from files, for payments of between £50 and £100. In nearly all cases, this is a waste of money for something which you can do quite easily yourself.

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