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Loan Information - Credit Refusal


Credit Refusal


When you are refused credit

After you have successfully corrected any errors and omissions in your credit history files, and disassociated yourself from others with a bad credit history, this does not automatically mean you will obtain credit.

This is because while lenders will use information supplied to them by reference agencies, they each make their own individual assessment as to whether to grant credit. One lender's willingness to offer a £2,000 limit on a card can sometimes be matched by another issuer's unwillingness even to offer one.

Before the Loan company / Lender decides whether or not to give you a loan, most credit companies will put your financial details through their own credit "league table". People who own (or are buying) their own home score higher than those in rented accommodation. And having lived at the same address for years is much better for your credit rating than having moved around.

High points on you credit rating can be earned by being married, having a credit card, and having held the same job for many years. Your age is also an important factor, since the general 'rule of thumb' is that , the older you are, the more the lender likes it.


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