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Asset Finance - Business Finance


Asset Finance - Business Finance


About Asset Finance

There are some real reasons why you should use finance to fund your equipment purchases. If you use up your valuable cash reserves to fund capital investment, then it reduces your liquidity and limits future investment opportunities. An increasing number of equipment purchases are funded by using other sources of finance; such as asset finance. Asset Finance is the provision of credit or leasing facilities to help obtain your acquisition of business assets. Security is primarily taken on the asset concerned and is normally a stand-alone facility. The cost is spread over a period up to the useful life of the asset.

Assets that can be funded in this fashion are usually of a tangible nature with a readily available resale market. Assets with a slow resale market or high degrees of specialisation are generally better funded by other methods.

Asset Finance - The Benefits

  • The cost of the asset can be linked to the income it generates
  • It's a relatively easy to arrange
  • The rental profile is agreed in the beginning allowing cashflow management
  • It's a stand-alone facility that leaves other forms of credit intact for working capital
  • Unlike an overdraft, asset finance is usually non-cancelable providing the agreement is maintained correctly

Typical assets that are suitable for Asset Finance:

  • Cars
  • Light & Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Unspecialised Machinery
  • Plant
  • IT Hardware

Typical assets that are unsuitable for Asset Finance:

  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Redevelopment
  • Research / Project Work
  • IT Software

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