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Self Employed Pensions - Business Finance


Self Employed Pensions - Business Finance


About Self Employed Pensions

If you are self-employed, it is very important that you think carefully about how to provide for your retirement. You are not included in the additional State Pension scheme (now State Second Pension, previously SERPS) and you have no employer to provide you with an occupational scheme. If you want more than the basic State Pension, you will need to join a personal pension scheme.

Where do I start with Pensions?
You might want to consider a stakeholder pension because by law they must meet a number of minimum standards to make sure they offer flexibility and security. There are many personal pensions available, but you will need to get all the facts first. You should ask what would happen if you couldn't keep up payments and if it would be better to pay in lump sums of money and less often.

Paying into a pension
You will pay your pension contributions directly to your pension provider. You normally agree to make regular payments, usually once a month, over an agreed period of time. Stakeholder pensions allow you to change the amount you are paying in or pay in lump sums without extra charges. Other personal schemes may also let you do this, but you should check to see if there are any extra charges for doing so.


List of Pensions and Annuity Providers


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