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Business Insurance Information - About Making a Claim


About Making a Claim - Business Insurance Information


About Making a Claim

As soon as you find out about any loss or damage to your assets, you will need to report it to your insurance company. You need to note as many details as possible about what happened and when.

You will need to provide:

  • estimates for repairs
  • the cost of any emergency repairs that were carried out
  • proof of ownership and value of the items you are claiming for
  • police crime reference number, if your business has been the victim of a crime
  • any damaged assets for inspection

If you need to make emergency repairs, do so and advise your insurance company. If possible get advice from your insurers before going ahead, but it is very important that you prevent further damage that might increase your insurance claim. For large or complicated claims, the insurance company will sometimes employ a loss adjuster. They inspect the damage and check claims for quantity, description and pricing. Loss adjusters are impartial experts who advise both the insurer and the policyholder.

They can also advise you on:

  • how to improve your security and safety
  • areas of cover you might have overlooked
  • repair techniques and specialist companies who undertake this sort of work

You could employ a loss assessor who negotiates and settles the claim on your behalf.

List of Major Business Insurance Providers


OCIS provide general insurance information, we urge you to consult the General Insurance Standards Council
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