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Business Insurance Information - Motor Insurance


Motor Insurance - Business Insurance Information


About Motor Insurance

The Law says that any vehicle used on the public highway must be covered by a motor insurance policy. If you, your employees or anyone else working for your business use a vehicle for work then you should check that:

  • every vehicle owned by your business is covered by insurance
  • any employees' vehicles used for, or in connection with, your business must be extended to cover use for employer's business
  • any private policy that you may have is extended to cover use for and in connection with your business

You should make sure that the cover provided by the policy is appropriate as there are different classes of business use.Travelling sales people or commercial representatives are considered differently from those making only occasional business trips. If you own several vehicles you may be able to get fleet cover that might offer better terms.

You need to check the licences of all drivers and advise your insurers of any motor convictions in the last five years. Otherwise, you will not be correctly insured. You should consult an Insurance Company about which types of insurance best meet the needs of your business.


List of Major Commercial Vehicle Insurance Providers


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