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Loan Information - Adverse Credit Cards


Adverse Credit Cards


About Adverse Credit Cards

In the UK, nearly 25% of the Adult population have had some form of adverse credit history like CCJ's, arrears, and bankruptcy. This does not mean their personal financial futures have no hope for recovery. There are financial institutions prepared to consider taking adverse credit history customers on.

You will know how difficult it is to pick up your personal finances and try to carry on as normal if you have ever been in the unfortunate position of falling into arrears with any payments, received a County Court Judgment against your name or have been declared bankrupt. But the good news is that there are two credit card products you can apply for.

Many of us in the UK know the term "Adverse Credit History" or are familiar with or have fallen victim to it. Consumers with such history need not feel there is no hope, since there are financial institutions that will still offer financial products for their use.

There are a few credit card providers who are willing to take 'risks' with adverse credit history consumers applying for their products. However, those that do offer you a chance to rebuild your credit rating whilst enjoying the convenience of using a credit card. Please be aware that some of these companies charge a higher interest rate to offset any additional risks involved.

List of Major Credit Card Providers

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