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Loan Information - Credit Card Fraud


Credit Card Fraud


Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

In the United Kingdom Credit Card fraud has been on the increase for many years and has got more sophisticated as the banks and the police seek address this problem.

Online Consumer Information Services ( OCIS ) gives you useful advice on how to look after your credit cards and what you need to do if they are lost or stolen.

  • Don't let them out of your sight when purchasing goods or ask anyone to look after them for you. Know where your credit cards are at all times.
  • Fraudsters use credit card reciepts so make sure you dispose of them safetly. Tear them up before placing in a bin, as it is known for some fraudsters to search bins for clues to your card details using these old reciepts.
  • Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and ever write down your and never disclose it to anyone.
  • Although some banks and building societies try to combat this problem, when you make a transaction from a cash machine be wary of those around you.
  • Always report lost or stolen cards immediately to the card issuer and the police. Details of the issuers 24 hour emergency number is given on your credit card statements. If you do not you could be liable.
  • Companies such as Card Protection Plan (CPP) can offer additional help. For a small annual fee they will take the stress and hassle of cancelling lost or stolen credit cards for you. All you need do is provide details of the cards you have and contact them in an emergency. Then leave the rest to them.

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List of Major Credit Card Providers

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