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Loan Information - Commercial Loans


Commercial Loans


Information on Commercial Loans

A Commercial Mortgage or loan can be taken out to buy, extend, improve or remortgage premises or even to reduce your existing interest payments.

The commercial property market has experienced a healthy growth for a few years now and this is expected to continue over the next couple of years. Due to the steady growth market, lenders have started to be more flexible in their product offerings.

Until recently, unless you knew the 'specialisms of the lenders', had a 70% or better Loan to Value ( LTV ) and were looking to repay the loan over a maximum of 15 years, it was difficult arranging a mortgage on your commercial premises.

Also, many Small and Medium Sized Enterprises ( SMEs ) looking for commercial mortgages do not meet the audit threshold of the Companies Act and therefore do not have the required audited statutary accounts for a three year period.

Things have improved and continue to do so, although it is still important to know in which commercial sectors each of the lenders specialise: retail, office, industrial, healthcare etc.


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