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Savings and Investment - Avoiding Investment Scams


Investment Scams - Savings and Investment

About Investment Scams

The word "investment" is used in connection with a wide range of schemes offering income, interest or profit in return for a financial outlay. It is often sometimes misleading in order to disguise the true nature of a scheme, eg pyramid schemes, chain letters or other types of scheme where a return depends on persuading others people to join.

It is not always understood by potential investors that there is a wide range of investments which are unregulated, which means that they are not traded by authorised investment brokers, who might be expected to operate to professional standards. Nor are they traded on a regulated exchange, which means that their current value and prospects for appreciation are difficult or impossible to assess through any of the normal methods. There is no guarantee that the market will still be functioning when you come to realise your investment and almost no chance of any compensation if the investments have been misrepresented. This all creates opportunities for the unscrupulous to mislead and trap the unwary.

Investment scams will always try to appear more attractive than more conventional and regulated investments and so the return on the outlay is always likely to be exaggerated or unrealistic. It follows that the essential message which applies to other scams applies equally to investments - If it looks too good to be true, it usually is!

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