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Savings and Investment - TESSAs ( Tax Exempt Special Savings Account )


TESSAs - Savings and Investment

About TESSAs ( Tax Exempt Special Savings Account )

It has not been possible to buy new Tessas or Peps since 5 April 1999 but you can continue to hold a Pep or Tessa account that was opened before that date. You can continue to put money into a Tessa (subject to TESSA limits) until the account matures five years after you opened it.

When the Tessa matures you can move some or all of the money (but not interest or bonuses) you paid into the Tessa:

  • into a cash mini ISA
  • into the cash component of a maxi ISA
  • into a special "TESSA-only" ISA (Toisa)

Whichever you choose, this transfer (of the capital only) from your Tessa is in addition to the normal annual ISA limits set out. You must also transfer the money within six months of the date your Tessa matures.


List of ISA and PEP Transfer Providers


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