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Savings and Investment - Tracker Funds


Tracker Funds - Savings and Investment

About Tracker Funds

Tracker fund investments track what's happening in the stock market, but some keep up with things better than others. The job of a tracker fund is to track the ups and downs of the stock market. Unlike its actively managed counterpart, a tracker doesn't aim to beat the stock market, but to follow it.

Trackers have been around for over a decade and their popularity continues to grow, mainly because they are cheap: charges are up to two thirds lower than on actively managed funds, yet they perform almost as well.

There were just six funds in 1990 and there are now over 200 available as unit trusts/Oeics, investment trusts, pensions and life insurance funds. The majority of funds in the UK All Companies sector had a low or acceptable tracking error rate and were essentially doing their job and tracking well.


List of Investment Trust Providers


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