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Savings and Investment - Unit Trusts


Unit Trusts - Savings and Investment

About Unit Trusts

How do Unit Trusts work?
You buy units in the fund or funds which aim to grow over time. As the value of the investments within the fund rises and falls, so does the value of your units. You may add further lump sums to the fund at any time, or increase your monthly payment. The costs of running the fund are deducted from the value of the units.

Who can Invest in a Unit Trust?
To invest in a unit trust you must be aged 18 or over. But you can invest on behalf of a child. In the case of joint investments, all investors must sign the application form.

You can top up your investment at any time with a minimum lump sum payment, or increase your monthly payment.


List of Unit Trust and OEIC Providers


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