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Share Dealing - Share and Investment Clubs


Share and Investment Clubs - Share Dealing

About Share and Investment Clubs

The first investment club started in the USA more than 100 years ago and there are now approximately 60,000 clubs with more than a million members in the USA. Clubs in the UK are becoming just as popular as the idea captures the imagination of investors. Investment clubs are a great way to increase your knowledge and ability as an investor, in a friendly and fun environment. Whether you are an experienced investor or a complete novice, there are a number of reasons to get involved in an investment club.

There is no better way to start investing with a club as the stock market can be a daunting place for a lone investor. In a club risks are shared as you are pooling your subscription as part of a group of up to twenty people. Sensible decisions tend to be made collectively as you share your knowledge with others. You may have no knowledge about the stock market itself, but you will certainly have knowledge from your work, your hobbies or just life in general which will mean that you have the expertise of a particular industry, company or service to contribute to club meetings.

Many of these clubs have an educational programme for new members and you will be surprised how much you pick up from reading newspapers, listening to relevant programmes on the TV and radio, the internet and other forms of information. If you are an experienced investor, you will enjoy sharing your interest with friends or colleagues and while you might give some less experienced members the benefit of your stock market knowledge. You will definitely learn something from other members because they will have knowledge of different sectors and companies through their work or leisure pursuits. The research involved in investigating companies can be shared between members and so too the cost of information.

Investment Clubs are successful when every member becomes involved in finding out about the companies that may be chosen for the club portfolio. It's no use leaving it to the others, the job of finding out these facts must be shared. That way you are contributing all your effort as well as your opinion. It is this pooling of knowledge, as well as resources and money that is the beauty of an investment club and makes it a relatively risk free way to get involved in the stock market.


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